Chi sono

Nicola Sparvieri (Roma, 1959), sposato, nove figli, vivo e lavoro a Roma.  

Professional Curriculum Vitae

• Chief Technical Officier (CTO) for Small Satellites Design and Manufacturing in GAUSS.

• Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) for the Engineering Sciences Sector.

• Laurea Degree in Physics, University of Roma "La Sapienza".

• Contract Professor in Physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

• Program Manager for Design, Production and Logistics of Missile Systems for Military application in MBDA.

• Rearcher in the field of Growth and Characterization of Ferrimagnetic and Superconductor Materials for Radar Systems in Selenia (Finmeccanica Company)

• Lecturer in "Microwave Technique and Antennas" at the Electronic Specialization Courses of the Armed Forces in Rome Cecchignola.

• Supervisor for proposals in the Brite EuRam project for the European Commission (superconducting materials).

• Author of more than 50 technical papers on Material Sciences and Space Systems and 6 Patents.